Rent an email list

How much is it?

The price consist of two elements:

  • list rental price (25% of sale price)
  • email blast delivery. 

For example: You’ve decided to send a message to a defined audience with a number of emails to deliver. You also have a message variant.

After reviewing your order, we’ll provide you with a sample details card for compiling an audience list with a number of recipients specified.

Corrections / approval and we’ll deliver your message to the list. Final list size: 100,000 recipients, average selling price for data used in compilation $100 per 100,000 emails. Message delivery service: Estimated $300.

Total cost in this example: $400.

Contact us with your order details or ask support agent in chat.


Prospecting from a business email list that’s been verified and enhanced for the most complete, accurate customer records is more than just a chance to establish contact. You know your new audience to an unprecedented degree even before you’ve introduced yourself, and knowing these details lets you align your message and their interests more closely than ever.

What is email list rental, and how does it work?

Email list rental is when you send your message to a list of email addresses held by us. Typically it’s paid and for one-time only, but you can rent a list for multiple send-outs.

Consider – you’ve got a big event coming up or a brand new product launch. You’ve been working hard on your in-house marketing email lists, but they’re not growing as fast as you like. How can you reach more customers quicker than waiting for organic list growth?

Well, you probably thought about renting an email list that has thousands of contacts. Sending your message to new consumer or business inboxes is like the digital cold call of today.

There is a big difference between buying email lists and list rental.

When you purchase email lists, you become the owner of the data. You receive all the data it contains to market to as you wish and as often as you like. You will also have complete control over the individual email addresses.

When you rent email lists, you don’t get the email addresses. We will send the email promotion in your name with our own email delivery system. It’s like in-email advertising. Your marketing team can sometimes even design and create the whole message. Once the campaign is completed, MediumAxis will show you the results.

When you rent email lists you don’t get direct access to the email data. So you won’t see a list of names and email addresses of potential leads. Instead, you will receive data card with information about the list you’ll send to. These cards give insights into how your selection may perform and the costs.

Once subscribers convert into leads and become your existing customers, they of course will become part of your own list.

The process

  • You write the copy and create the html design for the email.
  • You choose the number of recipients you want to receive your email.
  • You provide a sample of your message to us for approval, and sign a list rental agreement. We will generally not approve competitive offers to our customers.
  • You provide us the date and time you want to transmit the email.
  • You provide your suppression file that contains email addresses that you do not want to email to as well as your unsubscribes to us.
  • Then comes testing. You are sent a test of the email through the transmission system for final approval.
  • Once approved, MediumAxis sends your email on the agreed upon date and time using our server addresses.
  • A few days after the campaign is transmitted, you will be provided with tracking results that will give you information such as open rates and click through rates / open rates / some extra data. 

Contact us with your order details or ask a support agent in chat.

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