UK – Payroll Company Business Customers Email list (real data from 3.600 Emails

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Email Database Validated March, 2020

The customer database of Genius Money company, UK.

“Genius Money work with contractors and businesses to provide smarter, compliant models enabling them to payroll their sub-contractors without risk from HMRC investigation.

With our UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCE within the contractor payroll sector; we fully understand the unique importance of maintaining a flexible workforce, whilst remaining competitive and staying profitable. With regular changes in legislation and compliance we also understand how difficult this can be to achieve without the correct advice and support in place.

While our competition guarantee you protection from the associated costs of any employment tribunal challenges, Genius Money like to go a few steps further and GUARANTEE you that no such investigations even take place. While it may be good to know that your costs will be covered in the event of an HMRC challenge, there seems to be a lack of focus on the extremely important long-term implications of such investigations.”

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