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Yemao System Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, with electric stackers, storage equipment and electric pallet trucks, repair, maintenance, trading and leasing. Technology-oriented Yemao is the general distributor of industrial equipment in Taiwan of Tennant Group, the largest cleaning equipment manufacturer in the United States. It includes a variety of industrial and commercial sweepers, scrubbers, scrubbers, scrubber parts and special products. Use machine.

In recent years, in order to improve service quality, the company has cooperated with Europe’s largest terminal equipment manufacturer INKEMA Group as the general agent in Taiwan. The products include various industrial and commercial platform terminal adjustment plates, door seals, industrial sliding doors, hydraulic lifting platforms And other professional warehousing, logistics, unloading equipment and related accessories.

業茂系統工程有限公司 成立於1997年,以電動堆高機、倉儲設備及電動拖板車,維修、保養、買賣與租賃起基。以技術為本位的業茂,是美國第一大清潔設備製造商 Tennant 集團台灣區工業設備總代理商,旗下包含各式工商業用掃地機、洗地機、清洗機、洗地機零件和特種用途機器。

近年來本公司為提高服務品質與歐洲第一大碼頭設備製造商 INKEMA 集團合作台灣區總代理商,產品包含各式工商業用月台碼頭調整板、門封、工業滑升門、油壓升降平台等專業的倉儲物流卸貨設備及其相關配件零件。