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The “Villages” website is a collaborative work by a group of field scientists who are devoted to the research of ethnic minority groups residing in China’s southwestern region. Through this website, we hope to establish a digital-image database of artifacts, documents, and photographs related to China’s southwestern indigenous people, which will serve as a reference tool for research. The contents of the database comprise mainly items collected by Academia Sinica’s Institute of History and Philology between the years 1928-1943. The website also presents a survey of China’s southwestern tribes, which was conducted by the Institute of History and Philology during the first half of the twentieth century. The survey reflects the meaning of “the remaking of Chinese borders” within the context of neo-nationalism. The website also provides information on various aspects of the aboriginal people inhabiting southwestern China, including their society, culture, history, and other related topics, and serves as a place to promote knowledge and academic exchange.