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About Us

Education Next is a comprehensive network of colleges and universities offering usable information to students seeking knowledge on higher studies. Supported by UniPro, a creative digital marketing firm, Education Next fosters a unique insight into facts related to education for which there is no organised information available right now on the internet.

Studies reveal that annually there are millions of searches related to options for higher education. There is, however, no ready platform which offers methodical information related to colleges, universities, courses, admission notifications,major events and scholarships at a single place. Education Next presents that stage which makes it possible for any student or working professional to search facts or figures related to the above and many other things at one website. Once a user is logged in, he or she is also given an added opportunity to match their profile with the best schools in the industry and save time in acquiring the information they seek without compromising on the quality.

Users can also interact with our panel of experts, many of whom have first-hand experience in such issues, anytime during the day, 7 days a week, all throughout the year. Our experts work with educationalists across the globe to find all the answers,no matter what your question is, making it possible for users to decide on their course of action without having to wait too long. This assistance, along with our ‘match your profile’ services, is completely free of cost.

Education Next’s Mission:

Education Next actively promotes higher education around the world by offering inclusive, accurate, objective, unbiased and timely information about educational institutions in India and abroad, along with guidance to competent individuals on howbest to access those opportunities. Our approach is characterized by a commitment to meaningful data that is flexible and evolves over time.

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