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The Center for Progressive Policy Research (CFSP) was established in November 2006, with the aim of creating a co-ordinated center for the production of progressive ideas and policies that will respond reliably to contemporary problems of public life.

The CFSP conducts research and public events, organizes reflection and dialogue meetings, and co-ordinates the production of scientific texts dealing with related issues.

During its operation, the CFSP has creatively shaped its profile and contributed substantially to the emergence of modern progressive positions, carrying out a series of events with different thematic content (economics, international politics, reforms, health, environment, welfare state, shipping, globalization, children). ). Significant intellectual, political and business personalities as well as internationally renowned personalities intervened in these events. At the same time, the CFSP has published four books – thematic volumes, with contemporary scientific and political approaches: Towards a Progressive Policy , Kastaniotis Publications, 2007, Progressive Governance Guidelines , Papazisis Publications, 2009, Interventions for Europe , 2009 Post Papers, 2009 : The Dynamics of the Euro , Papazisis Publications, 2010.

The CFSP aspires to be vigorously involved in developing a broader dialogue in Greek society on the challenges of the new era. Economic stability – especially in the context of the global crisis -, the transition to the knowledge economy, green development, social protection and solidarity, tackling climate change, security and peace in the world and in our region are key concerns. . The website informs about the initiatives and actions of the CFSP as well as the positions of its members and friends, expanding the framework of public dialogue.

The CFSP is in the form of an urban corporation. The expenses of its activities shall be fully covered by the individual contributions of its members as well as by the sponsorships and donations of natural or legal persons under public or private law.