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Email database validated April, 2020

We are StM Group, Company which area of interests, professional activity and any activity at all is connected with fencing. Our invincible belief is that fencing is the best sport in the world!

StM is a world famous fencing brand;

StM is a registered Trademark and the Ukrainian Group of Companies, united by one common name;

StM is:

– manufacturer of the most modern high-quality fencing gear and equipment,

– supplier of the most complete assortment of fencing products – both within Ukraine and all countries and continents,

– the only manufacturer of high-tech electronic devices and equipment for wireless fencing for all weapons, certified by the International Fencing Federation (FIE),

– official sponsor, partner and supplier of the national team and the National Fencing Federation of Ukraine,

– official partner and supplier of equipment and services of the International Fencing Federation (FIE), OMEGA and TISSOT, Switzerland – for World Cup events, Grand Prix, Continental Championships and Games, World Championships and Olympic Games,

– official sponsor of national tournaments, championships and competitions.