China State Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Email list (suppliers, contractors, other contacts) 12.500 Emails

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China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited is an important large state-owned backbone enterprise jointly established by the former China State Shipbuilding Corporation and the former China State Shipbuilding Industry Corporation on October 14, 2019 in accordance with the decision of the Party Central Committee and approval by the State Council. There are 147 research institutes, business units and listed companies with total assets of 790 billion yuan and 310,000 employees. It has the largest shipbuilding and repairing base in China and the most complete research and development capabilities of ships and ancillary products. It is the world’s largest shipbuilding group that regulates and meets the requirements of international general technical standards and safety conventions.

中国船舶集团有限公司是按照党中央决策、经国务院批准,于2019年10月14日由原中国船舶工业集团有限公司与原中国船舶重工集团有限公司联合重组成立的特大型国有重要骨干企业,有科研院所、企业单位和上市公司147家,资产总额7900亿元,员工31万人,拥有我国最大的造修船基地和最完整的船舶及配套产品研发能力,能够设计建造符合全球船级社规范、满足国际通用技术标准和安全公约要求的船舶海工装备,是全球最大的造船集团。 中国船舶集团有限公司有着悠久的历史渊源,1950年10月,中央人民…

Validated March, 2020

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