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Published June, 2023. Validated.


China Healthcare Enterprise Group Limited is an established and growing professional Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider and distributor of consumer electronics products headquartered in Hong Kong. EMS offers one-stop shop solutions to a number of international brand owners of consumer electronic products. The Group currently has a diversified customer base covering Japan, Asia-Pacific region, America and Europe.

The Group also distinguishes itself by continuously changing its business model to include branded business by tapping into the branded market. The Group’s branded business includes manufacturing and distribution of Small and Medium Business (SMB) phone systems in North America. The Group also distributes portable storage devices as well as multimedia products under the “TrekStor” brand in Europe. In November 2011, the Group acquired an electronic gaming accessories developer, G.A.E.M.S., Inc. to expand in high potential gaming accessories business. In September 2012, the Group acquired Fargo Telecom Asia Limited, Maestro Wireless Solutions Limited and Smart Gears Limited to develop high-end niche communication products. In 2013, the Group acquired Rydeen North America, Inc., which specializes in creating and delivering automotive electronics products focusing on driver safety, convenience and lifestyle enhancement and enlarge our business scope.The Group continues to expand its EMS operations by establishing a subsidiary, STI Technology Limited, with Sogno Technology Limited in 2013 for the design and manufacturing of professional audio products. In 2014, the group also expanded its manufacturing capacity with the acquisition of land and factory building in India and invested in Falcom GmbH as its major shareholder to extend distribution capacity of communications products in Europe to the Group.

With a strong customer base covering all over the world, the Group aims to continuously develop its branded business by expanding the portfolio of its brands and products, and to become one of the leading EMS providers in Hong Kong.

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