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Workforce Management System

Whether you are a small, medium or a large sized business, our workforce management system is designed to meet your specific needs. Ensure only qualified and available staff are scheduled, track worked hours in a timesheet with precise accuracy, eliminate double-booking, ensure labor compliance and staff are paid accurately, balance working hours evenly, limit overtime hours, identify required staffing levels, monitor employment activities such as early or late clock-in/out, confirm employees GEO location, pay correct employee overtime, vacation & holiday wages, raise attendance visibility through real-time monitoring & reports, manage variable pay rates, dual rate job classifications, enable employees to easily clock-in/out via web, mobile, or time collection device. will improve your organization’s communication. It will help to eliminate missed shifts due to communication errors, optimize staff availability collection and time-off requests, increase payroll accuracy and shorter billing cycles, automate collection of hours worked, manage last-minute changes easily, find available staff in the event of no-shows quickly, communicate in real time with your employees via the web, mobile & automated phone service. You will then be able to immediately export time & attendance data to the payroll or accounting solution of your choice.”