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Remote Staffing That Works For Your Business

We represent candidates we believe in. As a talent matching service, we match only pre-screened candidates that are available now with your needs. Remote Staff can help your business reduce staffing costs, scale quickly, save time and increase productivity. In these challenging times, our experienced team can help your business realise the benefits of remote working with our robust remote work platform.

Why Remote Staff?
Our 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey showed that 97% of clients were satisfied with our services. Here are the things that mattered to them most:
We protect your investment in energy, time and money when working with Filipino staff. Our Remote Staff Platform live monitors your remote staff members and validates working hours.
Why use a service where you have to do all the work? We do the talent matching on your behalf and place quality outsourced staff time and time again.
Our rates are all-inclusive and include all our services; HR, IT, Payroll, Compliance and Customer Support. All our clients receive a dedicated Account Manager for daily one-to-one support.
We manage the administration, payroll and corporate governance required to hire remote workers. Our experienced team takes the hard work out of your hands.
Since 2007 we’ve helped over 2,500 businesses realise their potential. We’ve placed over 8,000 Filipino staff in home-based remote working roles all across the Philippines. With 10 years of proven strategies, we mitigate your risk and greatly improve your chances of offshore staff’s success..
We partner with our clients over the long term. With a no project work or freelancer mentality, we ensure more impact and better value from your outsourcing operations. If you value loyal and committed staff we are your partner.


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