★★★ Bulk email services / email list validation

Selection of Email databases

Just rent or buy one of our pre-built contact lists in several industries and regions. Market to your target audience, whether it’s doctors or CFOs. We have more than 100 lists to choose from.


High delivery rates

We provide mass mail sending and reporting services, full mail delivery, open rate, click rate statistics. High delivery rates to inbox guaranteed..


Clean & verified data

Whether you are looking for a quick fix to improve your delivery rates or have a more problematic email file, we have an email cleansing and validation solution to suit all needs & budgets.


Managed email blasts (professional b2b services, includes variable message for best delivery rates and onsite engagement tracking)


Take a look here if you need smaller budget blast / email validation services


To provide best email campaign results, we may compile an email list from multiple ones (best mathcing your target audience) and deliver your message.

The campaing progress and results reported in details, including open/click rate, geography and other details. We can also can track applications and engagements on a customer website (to optimize campaing on-the-fly) if access to Google Analytics (or other tracking system) is provided.


The work process

  1. Invoicing / payment
  2. List compilation
  3. Creation of a message variants based on your draft
  4. Setting up a delivery system
  5. Access your website google analytics / other tool
  6. Send a first blast & measure results
  7. Send a 2nd blast if results not satisfactional
  8. Reporting

NOTE: We can send from a number of our own domains / email addresses (it is better to protect your business domain from possible complaints).

Time frame (for example 300k email blast)

  • List compilation – 2-3 days
  • Message variants – 1-2 days
  • Mail system setup – 1 day
  • 50% delivery (first blast) – 3 days
  • 50% delivery (second blast) – 3 days

Total project time estimated 7-10 days. Please note we have to send slowly enough for best results (inbox delivery est. rate 65%, not spam folder).

Do you need pay-as-you-go B2B lead generation? Please read here.

List compilation, eMail delivery, stats & engagement tracking

It’s not needed to purchase a mailing list for one time mailing. We will compile a tailored list for your project & deliver your campaign with a highest result possible. Contact us for details & to order invoice.

Translation services

We offer translation services for your message to any language, including Japanese, Chinese, Deutsch and others. Contact us for pricing.


Email marketing

With our team of experts you can expect a tailored & professional service.

Email list cleanup and validation

Prevent bad data from degrading your database with our email validation service.

List compilation

Depending on the task, we may combine various lists to maximize performance.

Email and data collection

We can collect data from various sources, a secret dumps, web directories.

Post campaign analytics


As we work only with managed campaigns, our service includes post-campaign analytics. Detailed stats on:

  • Opens / clicks
  • Errors
  • Operating system / mail client / device
  • Geo location

Detailed Geo data, scaled down to city, country, continent.


Mailbox availability validation


We do email validation cleanup:

  • spam traps removal
  • duplicate check
  • check against previously bounced list
  • suspicious and role based contact removal
  • direct validation of mailbox availability on remote server