Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself or contact us

What is MediumAxis?

MediumAxis is an s email lists, bulk email marketing service and mass email server provider. Unlike other Email Service providers (ESP) we have more relaxed policies for sending bulk email offers. You can use our shared bulk email account or own a dedicated mass email server with multiple IP addresses. MediumAxis does not restrict you on number of contacts your account can have. You can upload unlimited leads.

What is Good data for import?

In our opinion, data that has less than 5% bounce rate and less than 1% complaints rate is considered to be best quality data. However, you have to check the list publishing date – same time it was validated. You can use our data to upload contacts to LinkedIn or other social media networks to establish right connections. In most circumstances – NO ANY public email sending services (like MailChimp) will allow you to upload any big list you may get online – as they very limited by current spam regulations.

What are your deliverability rates?

We maintain 95% deliver ability for all double option accounts across all major ISP including yahoo, AOL, Gmail and Hotmail. deliver ability of single Opt in accounts is dependent on quality of your data. If you produce high quality data, you can expect 90% delivery rates however for bad data it can be 60% to 70%

What is a validation / verification process?

Bulk email list verification – an indispensable tool for companies sending mass emails – determines whether or not a list of email addresses is fully valid and deliverable. The process involves an address-by-address analysis of each email on an uploaded list and is offered as hosted software.

MediumAxis validation process:

  • Check against multi-million own blacklist (spam traps and bounced addresses)
  • Check for bad syntax, long emails, duplicates
  • Validation on remote server

What data formats do you supply?

Most of our databases are in .CSV (comma separated) format, which can be read by many programs, including Microsoft Excel. Less frequently we use other data format, such as .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) or Microsoft Access.

Huge files archived with a WinRAR compression utility.

What is the source of your data?

MediumAxis collect emails online + we have an access to various database dumps from other websites. All the emails being validated and verified prior to publishing. Please check description text for exclusions.

How do you send such an amount of emails? Is it delivered to inbox?

We are using our own hardware server cluster to deliver email blasts. Currently we are capable of sending about 1 million messages a day.

We utilize Amazon SES at the same time, to deliver smaller campaigns.

Inbox delivery rates vary from 45% to 75% depending on campaign scale. We pack outgoing emails with a randomly generated elements and blocks to bypass spam filters.

How do I pay for my list?

Payment for all lists is required in advance and can be made securely online using a credit or debit card or by purchasing pre-paid credits. When paying by payment card please ensure you enter the correct address details associated with your card, so that your order passes our stringent fraud prevention measures.

How will I receive the data in my order?

You will be able to download the file securely directly to your desktop once you have paid. The file can be saved to any location on your local PC. Data is supplied as a CSV file (ZIP/RAR archives) or XLS which means you can open the file using Microsoft Excel or most other spreadsheet applications.

What can I do with my list?

You can use your downloaded list to carry out a marketing, market research, mail order or promotional campaign for your business, as address details are provided as standard. If you have purchased telephone numbers as an additional field then you can also use these for telemarketing campaigns.

We strongly advice you to consult professionals prior to buying a list – it takes some resources and work to prepare and send thousands mails delivered inbox. 1 tiny rented SMTP CANNOT deliver your messages – and most of them may be rejected or sent to spam folder, as well as currently there is no ANY public email blast services which can import and send to your list. 

You have to know what you are doing BEFORE sending your money, wo do not refund in such cases, but can provide a validation log after receiving “too many errors” complaint from customer during blast.

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