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NOTE: This is a first version of this page. We’ll try to update it regularly with professional and useful content, not a junk related web-services review.

Email is most businesses’ primary communication and marketing channel. Sending out offers, newsletters, and other client-facing communication is primarily done through email marketing platforms and tools. Picking an email marketing tool with a great product is the most tricky part of the email marketing puzzle.

This page will give you a general overview of popular email marketing related solutions and help you pick the best solution for email marketing success. Additionally, we will cover the most useful features for small businesses to find which is the best email marketing tool for you.

Essential downloads

Tips for doing a large scale email blast

  1. NEVER waste your time to send your message using popular web-services (mailChimp, SendinBlue, etc.) you won’t be able to:
    • The only chance of success if you have a small list up to 2000 contacts which was fresh and not exposed publicly before;
    • ALL and every purchased, collected online lists will make your account blocked upon list upload or shortly after sending start;
    • Validation does not matter much, every big list will have a spam traps or hard-bounce addresses;
    • If your message looks like spam to a service (it will look like in 90% of cases) you may get blocked or message rejected, so no loans, finance, medicine, giveaways, scam, spam, etc
  2. 1 IP + ! domain, no more than 20000 recipients. To send 100.000 emails, you may need at least 5 aged domain names and 5 IP addresses. That’s the minimum.
  3. Properly setup DNS of your domain. Cloudflare is a nice service to work with your domain DNS and to make it difficult to find your real mail and webhosting:
    • Enable proxying of all A and AAAA records;
    • Enable Cloudflare’s email routing service, enable catch-all email address, specify private; email address 3rd party, where you will collect replies;
    • SPF, DKIM, DMARC domain DNS absolutely mandatory;
    • Setup your webhosting for that domain to use it as a redirection to customer destination. It will track links and mail opens as well. Ask Google “how to track opened emails”. Later, we’ll provide more info on topic. Your webhosting will be completely protected from banning you as there will be no way to find your real IP address (Cloudflare proxy) and your mail server address as well.
  4. You can collect replies on a separate mailbox on same webhosting. Cloudflare will redirect emails sent to any address of your domain to that mailbox. Seamlessly. Just keep in mind that you may got thousands of bounce messages, and need to solve issue on cleaning them up + blacklisting. We’ll discuss this on later updates..
  5. Sending SMTP:
    1. Not much real universal working solutions of “buying SMTP server”. Most will have poor delivery, others will reject your redirecting domain;
    2. !st thing to try is to use Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) platform, which not only send very cheap (~$150 per million messages), but also care bounces and collect stats for you. It works straightforward, by connecting your domains with DNS and then providing sending SMTP credentials. Sure you need to setup boxes, other settings.
    3. 2nd – use cheap VPS servers.
    4. Setup proper PTR record for each sending IP if possible.
  6. Never send blasts over 1000 recipients from a real corporate or business domain, it can make it blacklisted and they may have mail delivery issues.
  7. Find aged available domains at

Professional tools for email marketing

  • Open file any size (including CSV). Delete columns, remove duplicates, regex, extremely fast and only one of it’s kind – emeditor
  • Email setup delivery testing –
  • Monitor your doain/IP sending reputation – Google domain postmaster manager
  • Regex (regular expression) to match all emails in text 
  • Linux command to extract emails from any text file
    grep -oe "[a-zA-Z0-9._]\+@[a-zA-Z]\+.[a-zA-Z]\+" abc.txt >emails.txt
  • Monitor your IP’s and domains against blacklist + keywords on website/downtime –

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