E-mail Marketing for Cryptocurrency and ICO projects

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The best ICO & Crypto email marketing service.

If you are looking to promote your ICO or Crypto business, the email marketing is the most effective and affordable medium. We offer best optimized email marketing service specially designed for crypto market which can allow you to send emails to millions of subscribers at very affordable price. We have experienced staff available for your help 24/7 via chat, ticket. If you still have doubts or have questions in your mind feel free to contact us now.

Our main advantages:

  • We have our own sending facilities (not limiting any content);
  • We have our own targeted email lists. Usually we compile a project specific list from a few sources to meet every project requirements.


Creating a strong email campaign bolsters your brand in the minds of your audience involves a number of ingredients and email marketing is no exception. It’s a great way to stay in touch while promoting your brand and logo to users in an intelligent way.

Whether is a monthly newsletter or ICO alerts leading up to the big launch, we are ready to create a beautiful set of email campaigns to supplement the MediumAxis marketing efforts.

We track our email marketing campaigns to ensure solid delivery and track user activity to your website or landing page from there. This allows us to further see marketing efforts unfold in real-time and custom tailor our efforts to create more efficient marketing.

There is no reason not to have really hot email design when keeping in touch. This helps users feel like they are really dealing with a team who understands the importance of professional presentation and communicating regularly with audiences.

High Deliverability: We guarantee 65% of emails to be delivered inbox, not a spam folder.

Benefits of MediumAxis's Crypto Email Marketing Services

    • We have our own multi-million crypto users database
    • Higher conversion rates would be witnessed as the business is targeting those customers who are already interested in the brand.
    • Segmentation of the audience helps in better targeting, which boosts engagement and brand awareness.
    • With a tempting call to action, email marketing can drive revenue for a company. It can take advantage of impulse buying.
    • There is no need for any technical expertise, as more emphasis is on creating engaging content.
    • Constant progress can be maintained by checking the metrics. A firm can learn mistakes in its strategy and correct it in due course.
    • There are no geographical barriers as a global audience can be reached via email.